Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions #

Installation #

Why is the toolchain available only for Linux systems? #

  • The toolchain is primarily maintained by one person; even factoring in pull requests, this means the amount of time available to develop the project is rather low. Personally, I believe there is more benefit to and I personally hold more interest in working on libraries, target platform support, and similar features than maintaining support for different host operating systems.
  • Some operating systems (like Windows or macOS) require additional spending to legally build, maintain and test their respective versions; at the same time, free-of-charge solutions exist for running Linux on most other operating systems.

Can I use a system-provided version of the Pacman package manager? #

No, and it is unlikely to ever be possible. wf-pacman is customized to (a) treat /opt/wonderful as the root directory and (b) allow running without root.

  • This approach allows reducing concerns of safety and security over a package manager that can write to the entire system space.
  • The Wonderful toolchain wishes to minimize system configuration divergence while still supporting diverse configurations. Standardizing components of the toolchain helps maintain that goal.