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wswan (WonderSwan/WonderWitch)

The wswan target provides support for targetting the Bandai WonderSwan console. In addition, experimental support is provided for targetting the WonderWitch abstraction layer.

Currently supported languages include:

  • assembly - via binutils-ia16's GNU assembler, using Intel-style opcodes and syntax;
  • C - via gcc-ia16, supporting up to the C11 standard with GNU extensions.



  • target-wswan - basic support metapackage


The wswan target features multiple subtargets:

  • wswan/medium - create a ROM with multiple code segments, the default;
  • wswan/small - create a ROM with one code segment, slightly faster code but 64KB maximum code limit;
  • wswan/bootfriend - special subtarget for creating BootFriend executables which execute from RAM.

In addition, there exists an experimental subtarget wwitch for targeting the Freya abstraction layer used by the WonderWitch platform.


  • libws - low-level hardware library
  • libwsx - high-level utility library
  • libww - WonderWitch API library
  • libwwcl - WonderWitch compatibility layer


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