Wonderful Toolchain

Hello! #

The Wonderful Toolchain is an assortment of development toolchains for a variety of retro and/or embedded platforms, with particular focus on console homebrew development - though really, it’s all about whatever scratches an itch on a given day.

Supported platforms include:

  • wswan - WonderSwan/WonderWitch

This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.

If you’d like to try it out and/or learn more:

Third-party toolchains #

As a courtesy, this project also provides builds of some other toolchains:

Goals #

As this is a hobby project, I believe I can afford myself just a little bit of creative writing:

I, for one, believe in the catgirl who cleans windows; with a beautiful, passionately glowing halo, and wings that stretch out of the reach of one’s imagination. Maybe she’s misunderstood; maybe she’s a little stubborn; maybe she doesn’t always get it right; and yet! Within that brief moment of passion, that glimmer of joy, she may well be the happiest angel in the world.

Chasing the absurd is its own delight - we’re the puppeteers’ coven, dancing with hardware gone by.

To homebrew is to gather, to share, to try and understand, to find a spark of curious, loving care.

Well then! Are you coming with us? Let’s try things together! Let’s see what awaits beyond.